Why is Floor Slip Resistance Testing Imperative?

floor slip resistance testing

Not many people are familiar with the term “floor slip resistance testing”. It is a term often used by architects, cleaning companies, and contractors. The testing is imperative since a slippery floor can cause serious injuries. The test is vital in the areas with a higher risk of falls, including kitchens and industrial facilities. 

Why is it Essential to Test Floors for Slipperiness?

Taking due care of the floor will help to reduce slip accidents that can happen on the premises. You have to keep the workplace safe before people walk on the floors. If any slip or fall accidents happen, then you will have to compensate the person harmed. If the firm is found negligent, it even leads to civil or criminal liability litigation.

The first thing that a firm needs to conduct is floor slip resistance testing to see whether it complies with the safety needs. Proper measures should be taken if the floors fail the resistance test. It will help in ensuring safety for everyone. 

Neglecting a slip-resistant test can land any firm or company in trouble. A heavy penalty gets imposed if a slip accident occurs in the place. 

Why Should There Be a Regular Check on the Floor and Other Surfaces?

The public space owner is responsible for a person’s safety on the premises. They are the people that should ensure that no slips or falls take place. No areas should be left untreated as it can increase the risk of negligence and even create a liability. The managers should ensure that the floors are safe. 

Due diligence can help in avoiding slip and fall accidents at any premise. The first step is to check whether the floors are slippery or not. If you find a floor that can be a threat, ensure to take proper steps to minimize the risk. It is recommended to test regularly to ensure that the standards get maintained. 

In short, the primary reason to carry out slip resistance testing is to make sure that all the floor surfaces are safe to walk. They should have enough traction levels so that no one slips or falls. Ensure to have regular testing to ensure everyone is safe from fall mishaps. 

Type of Floorings that Should Be Tested

Mainly, any floors which have slippery surfaces should get tested regularly. Testing should take place in various premises, including hotels and cruises.

There are various risky floors which are discussed below. However, note that this list doesn’t include everything.

  1. Timber 
  2. Granite 
  3. Clay pavers 
  4. Cement 
  5. Metal 
  6. Resin 
  7. Concrete paving and flags 
  8. Glass
  9. Plastic
  10. Clay pavers 

These are some of the riskiest floorings in any premises. They can be a great threat and cause mishaps. That is why you should make sure to invest in anti-slip flooring solutions. 

How to Get Slip Resistance Testing Done on Your Premises?

HALKSTOP offers slip resistance testing services to different types of industries. We also offer solutions to make the floor resistant to slips. So, you won’t have to worry about anything. 

We are a leading provider of anti slip solutions in the USA and Sweden. We make sure to use our expertise and ensure to offer the best solution as per your requirement. We provide a 5-year warranty on all our treatments. 

HALKSTOP- Get Excellent Anti-Slip Treatment Solutions

HALKSTOP offers high-quality anti-slip treatment for the cruise and hospitality industry. Our floor treatments are of the best quality as we only have specially trained HALKSTOP technicians for the job. The technicians are trained and make sure to offer you the best solutions for all the anti-slip treatments. 

Our anti-slip treatments are not just floor coatings and won’t peel off with time. Through a chemical reaction, our treatments help in the creation of a microstructure to the surface. It leaves the resistance of the floor from the floor even if it gets exposed to wet conditions. 

Our treatments are perfect and suitable for different floor surfaces. They include ceramic tiles, natural stones, concrete, etc. Also, these can be applied to both interior and exterior surfaces and are effective against different problems. 

  1. HALKSTOP evaluates the flooring type of the commercial property and sees the risk exposure.
  2. HALKSTOP offers a bid for the estimated price for the completion of the project. 

Slip resistance testing is crucial for a place. We make sure to offer anti-slip solutions for your flooring. It is our duty to ensure the safety of innocents by providing the best anti-slip solutions. Take out the time to contact us and make the premises a safer place. Call us now to schedule an appointment with an experienced consultant.

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