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HALKSTOP Impregnators Outperform Competitive Products

Preventing slip and fall injuries means providing the non-slippery and safe flooring with adequate surface sealers. Indeed, floor safety solutions are absolutely necessary to maintain solid flooring throughout the premises.

In order to avoid slip and fall accidents or your floor from getting affected by the weather or stains, surface sealers are used time after time. HALKSTOP impregnators go within the pores and act as a shield against stains, moisture, and liquid leakage.

What Is The Need For Surface Sealer Protection?

Protecting stone’s surfaces and porous tiles is meant to preserve the floor’s longevity. As long as there is an absorption factor, the floor surface will deteriorate in time and stain. Moreover, spills from beverages, food, and oil can penetrate and discolor the tiles or marble. However, the HALKSTOP impregnating surface sealers penetrates below the stones’ surface and either coats the minerals below the surface or deposits solid particles in the pores.
HALKSTOP Impregnating sealer, supplemented with a surface sealer is meant to protect all medium to dense stones like concrete, marble, travertine, granite, porcelain, and ceramic.

  • HALKSTOP Impregnators give a transparent subsurface barrier to maintain oil and water repellency.
  • The sealer is non-yellowing for both exterior/interior applications.
  • Adequate use can make the surface resistant to stains and allows easy cleanup of spills.
  • The application of the sealer offers maximum protection against damage caused by moisture and surface dirt.
  • Ideal for both interior and exterior use to help maintain the floor’s natural beauty and durability.
  • Compared with other sealers, HALKSTOP impregnators go below the tile’s surface and protect it from the outside and inside.

Application Of Floor Safety Solution And Their Benefits

Floors are prone to wearing and damages, however applying the anti slip solution for tiles can make the floor hard, durable, and smooth. Anti-slip solutions protect and extend the life of the flooring materials and also give an attractive appearance and slip resistant floor tiles. One of the best methods of treating slippery surfaces is applying HALKSTOP impregnators. When this sealer is applied on the surface, it forms a sub-surface which is impenetrable. The floor safety solution is hard and long-lasting and even inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and fungus in humid areas.

Although impregnators have several applications, it is best known for its use as preserving floors by making them harder and less slippery. Another advantage to using HALKSTOP impregnators is that it allows the surface to breathe. This means that the sealant not only keeps liquid and stains out but will also allow for trapped moisture from within the surface to evaporate. By letting the surface breathe, the moisture that got through the initial seal will dry off in time since air can pass through the impregnator.

Whenever you think you are in a dilemma on deciding on crucial issues pertaining to flooring, seek the best solution with HALKSTOP. Allow our experts to do the job for you.

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