anti slip treatment

Anti Slip Treatment

A careless step on the slippery floor can lead to unwanted injuries, however, HALKSTOP anti slip treatment can make the floor non-slippery and prevent the unwanted accident. We offer comprehensive flooring services in accordance with the need, budgets, and comfort of our clients.

We are industry leaders in floor safety and Anti Slip treatment solutions for the Cruise & Hospitality Industry. With quickly assessing and evaluating your floors, our certified Halkstop technicians can recommend affordable and relevant solutions that meet your floor safety needs along with the flooring types and materials involved.

Get Rid Of Slippery Floors With HALKSTOP Anti Slip Treatment

Unlike floor coatings, Anti slip treatment can be given to the already existing slippery flooring or to the ones that need a new one. The slip test standards are followed for safety purposes and to check whether the anti slip coating is alive to avoid untoward incidents.  For those who are planning to go along with the flooring plans, anti slip tile treatment is also available to help you make your floors slip-resistant.

If your place has been exquisitely designed with the floors made of marble or precious tile or even of wooden panels, considering HALKSTOP anti slip floor tile treatment will not tamper with your floor style.

Anti slip coating for tiles are among the safest means of preventing slip and fall accidents. These treatments can be applied to porous hard floors like tiles or concrete to change the texture of the floor. Being invisible, you can use them even if you want to retain the shiny glazing on tiles.

Our anti slip treatments stay for long, thus making a profitable investment for you. In addition, you can always get regular floor check-up service from us to ensure maximum safety.

Best Ways To Get A Better Grip

  • Our slippery floor treatment reduces the risk of injuries caused by slip and fall disasters.
  • It Increases the safety and security of the work environment.
  • We guarantee minimal or nil disruption to your workplace while taking up the treatment.
  • Suitable for all forms of flooring including ceramic, unglazed, concrete, marble, thermoplastic, slate, and many others.
  • Irrespective of dry or wet weather conditions, our treatment is safer.
  • Quick to apply and can bring under use after application.
  • Increases the life of the natural floor.
  • An effective option for both interior and exterior flooring purposes.

Reduce The Risk Of Slip Injury, Expensive Litigation With Halkstop Anti Slip Treatment!

Being the leading slip resistance testing experts in the industry, we offer the best solutions available to make your floor much safer. We also remain up-to-date on the latest slip resistance test standards, to offer competitive slip and fall services and accident investigations. Our slippery floor treatment service will make you enjoy maximum safety and security along with keeping your space better maintained and updated.

With many years of experience in Industrial Anti slip solutions, we provide the safest possible anti slip floor treatment to ensure you meet or exceed your duty of care.

Whatever your floor requirement, our certified team of technicians remains always ready to assist clients with guidance, technical advice, or a competitive quote! Reach out to us today for further information, or to get an obligation-free risk assessment or quotation.