Why is Non Slip Tile Treatment Required?

Non-Slip Tile Treatment

Trips or slips are quite common and dangerous. It can cause fatal injuries. Therefore, it is a good option to choose non slip treatment for both industrial and commercial facilities. If not, then a customer or worker can suffer from a painful accident.

Slips and trips can happen at any time and anywhere. So, it becomes necessary to address and choose anti-slip products. It will help in the maintenance of floors along with providing an enhancement in floor safety. 

The diversity of non slip treatments provides options to any kind of environment. It can include a shopping center’s food hall or even a heavy manufacturing plant. In this information piece, we will be discussing no-slip tile treatment. The reason behind it is that tiles are one of the most common floorings in commercial spaces. 

What are the Key Benefits of Choosing Non Slip Tile Treatment?

Anti slip tile treatment provides different advantages for the protection of both employees and employers. Here are some of them: 

1. Any kind of slip or fall accident gets avoided whenever you choose an anti-slip treatment for the business. It will help you to save costs. As you’ll have an anti-slip treatment for your business, the employees will be able to function properly. Having no accidents will also help you to save costs. 

2. It offers a safe and peaceful working environment for the staff as well as the visitors. As everyone is offered a safe environment, staff and visitors will feel safe. Apart from this, the other benefit that you will have is an increase in productivity. 

3. The no-slip floor treatment to tiles can get applied without any disruption to the business. The working will not get affected even when the floor treatment gets applied. 

4. Reduction in the administration cost along with protection of the facility or building’s reputation. 

5. It offers the flooring a desirable look. Apart from offering a desirable look to the place, you can also clean the flooring easily. 

What is Meant by Slip Resistance?

Slip resistance helps in resisting any slips or falls. A metric is used for gauging the floor slipperiness. 

Reasons to Choose a Non Slip Tile Coating

Safety flooring is needed for preventing any slip or trip accidents for the maintenance of a productive and safe facility. Such slip hazards can happen with anyone at any time. 

It is your responsibility to save your staff members and customers. Anti-slip flooring helps in the prevention of any accidents caused by slipping. You should make sure to invest in a product that is long-term. 

Don’t forget to go with the safety solutions. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get when you choose non slip floor coating for tiles.

1. Easy installation 

The non-slip coating is easy to install. Moreover, most of the treatments present won’t have any effect on the floor. So, you’ll not have to sacrifice your appearance. 

2. Less Risk of Accidents 

Your business will get safer when you choose to have anti-skid coat flooring on the existing flooring. It will create a safe working environment for the staff as well as visitors. 

3. Prevent any Business Owner from any Costly Lawsuit 

The significant health and safety acts need employers to make sure that the employees remain safe and healthy. If your employee will face a slip hazard, then it will keep them out of work for months. However, even if you didn’t add up to their injury, you will still be considered responsible for it. You might have to pay money for negligence. 

If you want to avoid any of these hassles, ensure that you install the non-slip treatment.

4. Suitable for every work area 

Non slip floor coating treatments are perfect for almost every work area. It is suitable for the factory floor, office, walking paths, and different other floor types. 

5. Easy to clean 

The floors which have no-slip tile treatment are easier to clean and are stain-resistant. You can simply wipe off if anything falls on the non-slip flooring. You’ll get the advantage of the laminated layer. Overall, this thing makes the non-slip flooring a healthy as well as hygienic choice. 

Industries that Should Invest in Anti-Slip Tile Flooring

If as a business owner, you have tile flooring, then, don’t forget to invest in anti-slip flooring. Here are some of the industries that should choose anti-slip treatments for their tile floors: 

Industries that Should Invest in Anti Slip Tile Flooring

Nursing Homes and hospitals 

Healthcare industries are the one that benefits the most from anti-slip flooring. The nursing home should be kept in the top hygienic condition as they can become a host for bacteria and illness. 

One of the many advantages of no-slip floor treatment is that they are easier to clean. Apart from this, the anti-slip floor treatment helps in maintaining the professional appearance of the flooring. 

Classrooms, school gymnasiums 

The education industry should also choose to invest in anti-slip flooring. Schools and nurseries should make sure to choose anti-slip tiles for their place. It will lessen the chances of any slip risks or falls. 

Factories and manufacturing 

The factories and manufacturing should also invest in the no non-slip floor coating for tiles. It will help the employees move freely without the fear of dropping any of their items. Also, it will help in diminishing any chances of slips or falls. 

Shopping centers 

Make sure that your shopping center is resistant to any kind of fall by choosing non-slip flooring. As you’ll have thousands of people visiting the center, it becomes extremely necessary to invest in non-slip flooring. 

Restaurants, industrial and commercial kitchens 

The easy-to-clean anti-slip flooring is beneficial for restaurants, industrial and commercial kitchens as well. The safety of your staff should also be your topmost priority. 

Not only the anti-slip flooring will benefit the kitchen but will be a great advantage for the restaurant floor too. If you are serving drinks, then, there are higher chances for spillages from customers. It can result in a slip and fall if you don’t install anti-slip flooring. The accidental slip and fall can result in accidents.

 Sports Centers 

Not only do gymnasiums require non-slip floor coating for tiles, but, the sports centers require it too. As a high level of activity gets carried out in the sports centers, you should make sure to choose the right anti-slip products. 


Theatres are exciting places where impressive performances get done. So, it is essential to install anti-slip flooring so that the performers don’t injure themselves. 

The Bottom Line

So, now that you know how necessary it is to invest in the non slip treatment, you should make sure to invest in one. You can take up quotes from different firms and get the right people for working. 

HALKSTOP is the place that you should contact whenever you are looking for non slip tile treatment. When you choose us, you will get quality anti-slip flooring services at an inexpensive price. Get your quote by contacting us today. 

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