Floor Safety Solutions to Prevent Slip and Fall

Floor Safety Solutions to Prevent Slip and Fall

Stylish and safe flooring is one of the prime norms of construction these days and is a huge requirement for both residential and commercial buildings. Without effective floor safety solutions, a careless step on the unsafe, wet and slippery floor may lead to undesirable injuries irrespective of the footwear you wear.

Floor safety solutions in witch recent report by the Health and Safety Department revealed that over a third of all major injuries reported every year are because of slips or trips that occurred at work places.

Indeed, slipping and falling can be fatal. After road accidents, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of accidental death and disability. Although a majority of the slip and fall accidents occur in the workplaces, floor safety solutions some also happen in ordinary residential homes.

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Why Is There a Need for Good Flooring?

The floor system of any building is one of the crucial aspects of construction. As such, no building appeals without adequate flooring. The aesthetics need to be absolutely correct and stylish, more specifically if it’s your commercial place that will be visited by customers daily. However, the best-looking floors may have the essence of class but they are not always the safest bet. The best floors are those that can deliver extreme sophistication, and at the same time, are able to provide users with the right amount of friction as well. Also, the floors should be easy to maintain and clean. Having all factors in place will ensure that the future costs of possible lawsuits, maintenance, and renovation are reduced to a large extent.

Safety flooring needs to be anti-slip, stain proof, and durable enough to cope with heavy traffic. This kind of flooring is required to be used in schools, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and commercial and domestic places, and even at leisure areas. Not only safety flooring is meant to prevent accidents from slips and falls, but is also an extremely hygienic option even to be used in hospitals and veterinary surgeries.

How Anti Slip Coating of Tiles Prevent Fatal Accidents?

The prevalence of slip and fall accidents has increased the need for anti slip treatment and slip-resistant flooring. The anti slip treatments include non-slip floor coating, anti-slip adhesive tapes, and grip activator anti slip treatment, with each method specifically manufactured to ensure maximum protection. Not only in commercial and residential buildings but also for health and safety, anti-slip solutions are used in cruise, skate boat floors, and even at the low light areas.

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Anti slip solution for tiles provides surface traction on the hard floor surfaces. Being a long-term solution, the treatment enhances the friction level even when it’s wet. The floor retains its usual appearance while reducing the slipperiness by increasing the friction coefficient of the floors especially when wet. Such coatings being invisible avoid the probability of wear and tear of the floor. In case you do not want anti-slip treatment throughout the building floors, it’s wise to implement solutions in specific areas like the kitchen or the bathroom as such areas are more prone to slip and fall accidents.

When deciding on using safety flooring, it is vital to consider the exact requirements of the floor, as there are different types of flooring available to match the specific needs. For instance, vinyl flooring can soften falls making it ideal for children’s play areas. However, anti slip surfaces would still be an essential need to avoid slips and fall as a result of split liquids.

In order to select the appropriate non slip flooring solutions, hiring a professional company for installing non slip coatings is a great idea. By considering floor testing and several other factors before installing non slip flooring, the professionals can provide better protection against falls in a much simpler and quicker way. Any reputed flooring company can provide you a free consultation to suggest you the right products for your requirements.

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