Anti Slip Tile Treatment for Firmer Grip and No Falls

Anti Slip Tile Treatment for Firmer Grip and No Falls

If you own a property with tile floor in and around the building then slip accidents can be a real concern which if avoided can result in liability and expensive litigation. Smooth and shiny floors like hardwood and tiles, can easily become slippery. A simple solution can be to put carpet down instead; however, some specific areas cannot have carpets like kitchens and bathrooms. This is why applying an anti slip tile treatment is the best option.

Anti slip tile treatment products and applications can help alleviate any concern over floor safety and help prevent these accidents effectively. There are different anti slip tile treatment options available in the market for both internal well as external needs that help you address and avoid slip fall risks effectively.

Slip and fall accidents are difficult to prevent especially on slippery floors. However, such accidents can be avoided by simply following some safety measures:

Add an Anti Slip Floor Coating

Anti slip coating is an essential need for both at homes or workplaces because a careless step on the floor can cause a slip trip and fall. This kind of coating is applied directly to the original floor. Such a coating looks like ordinary paint and makes the floor textured and works as abrasives that increase traction. The application of these coatings creates a layer over the original floor after being thoroughly cleaned. The treatment may need to reapply over time but is less expensive than replacing existing for floor slip resistance testing.

These days, epoxy products are more preferred over other solutions. This is primarily because anti slip floor coating with epoxy ensures good penetration into the pores and good traction. It offers high resistance and also requires minimal maintenance. This is the reason; the treatment is preferred over other ways in high traffic places where the rate of abrasion is the most.

Anti Slip Tile Treatment

If you are worried that anti slip coating can destroy the natural feel, you have other options as well. Anti slip tile treatment is the one that does not tamper with your floor style. In such a treatment, the tiles’ floor surfaces are covered with adhesive strips or tapes which are invisible. As a consequence, nothing happens to the shine of the floor.

If your building has been exquisitely designed with marble floors, precious tiles, or even wooden panels, you must seek anti slip tile treatment to enhance safety and security at your place.

Anti Slip Adhesive Floor Tapes

To avoid slips and trips, adhesive floor tapes can be used that come in different colors as well as are transparent to match the theme. Such floor tapes are made up of waterproof materials and can withstand any weather condition. Also, if you want to protect the stairs, using an anti slip grip tape is a fantastic option. Using the anti slip grip tape on the edges of the tiled staircases can help create more resistance. These kinds of tapes can also be used in children playing areas, and on wheelchair access ramps to enhance security from slip and fall injuries.

Since not all floors are of the same type, identifying the type is a must in order to apply the appropriate solution. Even if you have ceramic floor tiles at your place, suitable floor treatment solutions are available. Thus, choose wisely from the variety of treatment products to increase the amount of friction on the floor. In addition, do consider getting a floor specialist test in order to evaluate the floor for any high-risk areas or other floor safety issues.

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