Anti Slip Coating for Tiles: Best Solution to Make Floors Less Slippery

anti slip coatings for tiles

Floor tiles are used in several different areas throughout the building. Not only do the tiles look beautiful but are versatile too. However, floor tiles can be dangerous especially if anti slip flooring technology has not been taken into consideration.

Tiled floors especially tend to be extremely slippery when polished. This may lead to serious accidents, which is why it is crucial to get your hands on anti slip flooring products that you can count on.

Anti slip flooring comes in several different options, as well as a coating that has been designed for specific tiles. Whether in your home or at an office place, using anti slip flooring options can help drastically reduce the likelihood of injuries and accidents occurring.

What are the different anti slip flooring options?


Anti slip coating for tiles is an absolute necessary in all buildings whether it is your home, office or your cruise ship. These coatings can be applied to all trips of hard floor surfaces. The coating is like a layer of paint that is applied only on the dry floor all over the necessary areas. Usually, these coatings are invisible and can be applied easily to almost any surface. Anti slip tile coating can be given to the already existing slippery flooring or to the ones that need a new one. Specifically, in the rainy areas, the floors become slippery, however using an anti slip grip kit can help in creating slip-free surfaces.


Anti slip treatment can be applied to porous hard floors to reduce the risk of injuries caused by slip and fall disasters. Being suitable for both interior and exterior flooring purposes, taking an anti slip treatment is the best way to deal with wet floors slippery conditions.

Anti slip tape

Anti slip tapes are specifically designed to make the areas slip-free. If any specific part of your floors needs anti-slip solutions, the tape can be a good choice. Such tapes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses with each one meant to provide outstanding grip. Ideal for both outdoors and indoors, the coarse grade tapes are perfect for high-traffic areas to avoid slips and trips at your place.

Where to use anti slip coating?

Simply put, tiles become slippery with time, which is a major concern in high-traffic areas such as offices or retail stores. Also at homes, bathroom tiles are extremely slippery when wet.

The best places to apply the coating are in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other areas with slippery tiles. Another important area is the wheelchair access ramp which becomes more slippery during rainy days however, bringing in use the anti-slip grip kit to line the ramp will take your worries away.

Thus, you cannot take the risk of someone being injured at your place. Safety especially with children and the elderly is vital, it is actually of utmost importance and this is why you must ensure essential safety at your place by using an affordable form of anti-slip flooring.

What can non slip tile coating do for you?
  • Whether at homes, workspace, or shopping malls, using an anti-slippery coating can reduce the risk of an accident by sudden fall due to the slippery surface.
  • With anti-floor coating, you will get to enjoy better safety rules and regulations in regards to maintaining your space.
  • The anti slip coating is suitable for almost any kind of flooring including ceramic, unglazed, concrete, marble, thermoplastic, slate, and any other.
  • Quick to apply and thus, there will be minimal or no disruption to your workplace or your house while taking up the treatment.
  • Spending on anti-slip coatings is a long-term investment as it works approximately for a minimum of two years. Investing in anti slippery floor solutions makes sure that you provide your loved ones with maximum safety and security. However, to ensure maximum safety, you can always get your floor check-up service.

If you have a tiled floor in or around your house, anti-slip flooring is crucial concerning safety. The anti-slip coating is like an investment that adds more grips to the floor. With so many options available, you can make all areas of your place completely safe to walk on. To know more about anti-slip floor treatment and non-slip floor coating for tiles, visit

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